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Heidi Pederson

Director of Investments



Heidi Pederson knows how to bring out the best in people. As Anchor’s Director of Investments, Heidi helps clients and her team identify their fullest financial potential through smart short- and long-term goals.
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Larry Donna

Vice President, Senior Financial Consultant



Larry Donna is the type of guy who can brighten anyone’s mood with his sense of humor. As a Vice President, Senior Financial Consultant, he works directly with Anchor’s customers to provide them with effective wealth management strategies.
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Daniel Lotts

Vice President, Financial Consultant


In his role, Daniel helps customers understand their finances on a deeper level so they can continue to make smart decisions and have their money work harder for them.
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Larry Calhoun

Vice President, Financial Consultant


Loyal financial resource for building a long-term investment plan. Larry builds long-term investments plans for each client, individually based on their unique situation.

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Susan Brusewitz

LPL Registered Sales Assistant


A dedicated resource to assist in charting your financial path. Susan Brusewitz’s ability to get things done quickly and stay the course is what makes her successful in developing and maintaining effective relationships.
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Julie Greenberg

LPL Registered Sales Assistant


Julie Greenberg enjoys making people’s lives easier. Each day, as an LPL Registered Sales Assistant for Anchor Investments, she focuses on the details that make a difference for clients.

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